Spardha Spoorthi Heralds New Era

Getting success in any competitive examination mainly depends on two things: One is quality coaching, and second is quality study material. The Classic KAS & IAS Study Circle, being run under the able guidance of Mr Laxman S Uppar, has been giving quality coaching for all the competitive examinations since 19 years. However, coaching is available only for those who come to the Study Circle and enroll themselves. The students preparing on their own in various towns and villages were not getting the quality material. Taking this as a serious matter, Mr Laxman S Uppar thought of launching a magazine for all competitive exams.

As a result, Spardha Spoorthi monthly magazine was started in June 2005. In the first month only 1000 copies were circulated, and today the magazine has over one lakh copies circulation every month. The magazine could reach such a height in four to five years of its launching due to its quality content. The valuable readers of Karnataka have made Spardha Spoorthi number one magazine in the State. Known for its comprehensive coverage on current affairs of national and international importance, Spardha Spoorthi also gives rich study material, thought provoking articles on contemporary issues and model question papers for almost every competitive exam. It is the only magazine in Karnataka with such a wide coverage and colour printing available at affordable price. Now, the magazine is being published under the banner of Spardha Spoorthi Publishers & Printers Pvt Ltd., having registered office in Dharwad.

In due course of time, many more periodicals were started. Competition Vision, the only English monthly magazine for competitive exams from Karnataka, was started in June 2006. Though there was limited response in the initial stage, the magazine caught the attention of readers and now over 10,000 copies are circulated every month. The magazine could grow to this level mainly because of its rich content, making it relevant for all the competitive examinations.

Later, Udyog Varte Kannada fortnightly was started in June 2007 with the intention of providing employment related information to unemployed youth in the State. The fortnightly secured the attention of large number of readers due to its appropriate information and timely reach.

Then came another monthly magazine ‘Study Planner’ in 2008. It became a favourite among the candidates preparing for various competitive examinations as it provides to-the-point and appropriate study material on each subject. Its circulation is over 15,000 every month. Another fortnightly employment bulletin ‘Job Reporter’ in English, an exclusive monthly magazine for question papers in the form of ‘Practice Test Series (Classic Rejuvenation)’ have created their own readers. All these periodicals are being published under the banner of Spardha Spoorthi Publishers & Printers Pvt Ltd. The publication has been bringing out many books on various subjects, besides publishing separate notes for all the competitive examinations.

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